A Global Movement

The Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) is at the heart of a global movement to improve sanitation and hygiene for everyone. WSSCC is the only part of the United Nations devoted solely to the sanitation and hygiene needs of the most vulnerable people around the world.

Through a collaborative approach which has spanned 25 years, we have harnessed the energy and expertise of communities, NGOs, governments, international organizations and the private sector. Together with thousands of members in 150 countries, the Geneva-based Secretariat advocates for change and facilitates local solutions for the millions of people who lack access to good sanitation and hygiene.

In developing countries, we support national coalitions working to accelerate action on sanitation, hygiene, and safe water among all actors. We work directly with government agencies to strengthen national sanitation programs, and we help ensure that government policies promote equal access to sanitation for women, girls, and marginalized groups.

In the global arena, our cutting-edge awareness campaigns and policy analysis help make the case for community-led sanitation and hygiene as a top development priority.

The Global Sanitation Fund

Through our Global Sanitation Fund – the world’s first and only fund dedicated to improving sanitation and hygiene – we provide vital funding for community-based, publicly-supported and commercially-operated programmes, reaching millions of people.

The Global Sanitation Fund empowers people to make informed decisions to change their sanitation and hygiene situation, and therefore choosing a healthier and more productive life for themselves and their children.

Core to our mandate are equality and non-discrimination. WSSCC programmes and partnerships address gender inequality, disability and social exclusion in the WASH sector, and beyond. Specific attention goes to the needs of women and adolescent girls.

Menstrual hygiene management is a key part of our portfolio, aiming at breaking the taboo around menstruation globally while ensuring change in national policies.

WSSCC believes that every person, everywhere, has a right to quality sanitation. By helping to make that right a reality, WSSCC is transforming the lives of millions of people worldwide.

The WSSCC Community

The WSSCC community is a diverse group of professionals around the world who work actively on behalf of the 2.5 billion people without access to safe sanitation and hygiene and the 1 billion of them who must resort to open defecation.  In addition to our members in 150 countries, and many partner organizations, the WSSCC community includes staff based in Geneva, volunteer National Coordinators, Global Sanitation Fund programme managers, a democratically elected Steering Committee, and bi-lateral donor partners. You can see them below.

  • Chris Williams

    WSSCC Executive Director

    Archana Patkar

    Programme Manager – Networking and Knowledge Management

    David Shimkus

    Programme Director – Global Sanitation Fund

    Unjela Kaleem

    Head External Affairs, Communications and Coordination

    Ceridwen Johnson

    Senior Programme Officer – Country Engagement, Coordination and Membership

    Claudia Longtin

    Travel Assistant – Directorate

    Daniela Valencia

    Membership & Database Support Officer – Directorate

    Elizabeth Wamera

    Programme Support Officer – Country Engagement, Coordination and Membership

    Estelle Besson

    WSSCC Travel Assistant – Directorate

    Isobel Davis

    Programme Officer – Strategic Relations – Directorate

    Jacinta Mutua

    Intern – Directorate

    Jenny Karlsen

    Partnerships Development and Resource Mobilization Officer – Directorate

    Jo Powles-Brown

    WSSCC Executive Assistant – Directorate

    Terry Etherington

    UNOPS Operations Associate – Directorate

    Ailsa Jones

    Portfolio Support Officer – Global Sanitation Fund

    Asu Durmus

    Portfolio Support Analyst – Global Sanitation Fund

    Carolien van der Voorden

    Senior Programme Officer – GSF Learning and Documentation

    Catarina Mastellaro

    Operations Analyst – Global Sanitation Fund

    Clara Rudholm

    Senior Programme Officer – Global Sanitation Fund

    Hakim Hadjel

    Senior Programme Officer – Global Sanitation Fund

    Leslie Menezes

    Finance Officer – Global Sanitation Fund

    Matilda Jerneck

    Programme Officer – Global Sanitation Fund

    Matteus van der Velden

    Senior Programme Officer – Global Sanitation Fund

    Patrick England

    Portfolio Support Analyst – Global Sanitation Fund

    Rhiannon James

    Senior Monitoring Officer – Global Sanitation Fund

    Simon Msukwa

    Programme Officer – Global Sanitation Fund

    Alison Bradley

    Media and Public Affairs Officer – Advocacy and Communications

    Alma Felic

    Digital and Social Media Officer – Advocacy and Communications

    David Trouba

    Head of Communications – Advocacy and Communications

    Eileen Palmer

    Production & Publications Analyst – Advocacy and Communications

    Jacquetta Hayes

    Communications Officer – Advocacy and Communications

    LaToya Coute

    Production & Publications Analyst – Advocacy and Communications

    Okechukwu Romano Umelo

    Media and Communications Officer – Advocacy & Communications

    Randa el Tahawy

    Staff Writer – Advocacy and Communications

    Saskia Castelein

    Programme Officer – Advocacy and Communications

    Stéphanie Gomez de la Torre

    Graphic Design Analyst – Advocacy and Communications

    Suhair Talab

    Programme Officer – Donor Relations – Advocacy and Communications

    Suzan Lazaro Nshoka

    Intern – Fundraising and Partnerships – Advocacy and Communications

    Virginia Kamowa

    Senior Programme Officer – Global Advocacy – Advocacy and Communications

    Anthony Dedouche

    Programme Support Officer – Networking and Knowledge Management

    Chaitali Chattopadhyay

    Senior Officer – Monitoring & Evaluation – Networking and Knowledge Management

    Emily Deschaine

    Partnerships Officer – Networking and Knowledge Management

    Enrico Muratore

    Senior Programme Officer for Equity and Non-Discrimination – Networking and Knowledge Management

    Irene Kimathi-Kariuki

    Assistant – Networking and Knowledge Management

    Rockaya Aidara

    Programme Officer – Policy – Networking and Knowledge Management

    Sailas Nyareza

    Programme Officer – Networking and Knowledge Management

    Su Perera

    Programme Associate – Networking and Knowledge Management

    Valerie Varela

    Evaluation Support Officer – Networking and Knowledge Management

    Kamini Prakash

    Technical Officer – Equality and Non-Discrimination – WSSCC India

    Sanchita Ghosh

    Technical Officer – Knowledge and Learning – WSSCC India

    Vinod Kumar Mishra

    WSSCC India Coordinator – WSSCC India

    Achille Lokossou-Dah-Lande


    Aï Abarchi


    Chea Samnang


    Felix Adegnika


    Guna Raj Shrestha


    Jane Nabunnya Mulumba


    Jean Herivelo Rakotondrainibe


    Lovemore Mujuru


    Michael Negash Beyene


    Ngabaghila Chatata


    Priscilla Achakpa


    Shah Md. Anowar Kamal


    Tanya Khan


    Tobias Omufwoko


    Wilhelmina Malima


    Rija Lalanirina Fanomeza


    Rafael Catalla


    Julian Kyomuhangi


    Adama Sy Dogue


    Zufan Abera Damtew


    Anand Shekhar


    Nyanzobe Maliimi


    Sudha Shrestha


    Amsalu Negussie


    Nanpet Chuktu


    Fataou Salami


    Daniel Kurao


    Urbain Amegbedii


    Amina J. Mohammed

    WSSCC Chair

    Audreyanna Thomas

    Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

    Victor Chipofya

    Eastern and Southern Africa

    Khin Maung Lwin

    South Eastern/East Asia

    Ebele Okeke


    Barry Jackson


    Anand Ghodke

    South Asia

    Kitchinme Bawa

    Middle, Northern and Western Africa

    Otabek Bozarboev

    Central and Eastern Europe/West and Central Asia