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27 May 2015

Les menstruations et l’hygiène menstruelle apparaissent progressivement comme un élément central de l’égalité des sexes, des droits des femmes et du développement.

27 May 2015

WSSCC is committed to making sanitation in Africa a success: With over 1,000 members, the continent is the beating heart of WSSCC.

15 May 2015

Working across four regions, the programme is managed by AGETIP, a private non-profit entity established in Senegal.

1 April 2015

Updates from the Joint Programme on “Gender, Hygiene and Sanitation”, April 2015.

13 March 2015

Studies reveal that women and girls lack access to clean water, private spaces for managing their menstruation, and functioning toilets.

1 December 2014

A series of internal and external events marked the implementation of the Joint Programme in the last quarter of 2014.

1 August 2014

Updates from the Joint Programme on Gender, Hygiene and Sanitation #2 – August 2014  

20 June 2014

WSSCC and UN Women began active implementation of their new partnership in Senegal from 13 to 15 June 2014.

1 May 2014

Updates from the Joint Programme on “Gender, Hygiene and Sanitation”, May 2014.

15 April 2014

Diabou and her 10-year-old child used to have diarrhea, but after a triggering session she spoke to her husband about getting a toilet of their own.

9 March 2014

On the margins of International Women’s Day commemoration, UN Women and WSSCC have formed an official partnership.

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