Global Sanitation Fund Results

Through the Global Sanitation Fund, WSSCC has committed close to $105 million in 13 national sanitation and hygiene programmes. The commitment is yielding results across Africa and Asia and is shared by national partners, WSSCC and GSF donors.

Key Results

Key Results
30 June 2015
People with improved toilets
8.2 Million
People living in open-defecation free environments
9.9 Million
People with handwashing facilities
13 Million

In 2014, the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) supported national efforts in 13 countries to increase access to improved sanitation and adoption of good hygiene behaviours.

During the year, GSF programmes significantly raised the number of people living in open-defecation free (ODF) communities, while also increasing handwashing and use of improved toilets.

Intermediate Indicators

Intermediate Indicators
30 June 2015
Communities declared ODF
Communities triggered

Financial Pipeline

Financial Pipeline
30 June 2015
GSF commitments
$109 Million
GSF disbursements
$58.9 Million
In-country awards to Sub-grantees
$43.7 Million
In-country grant disbursements
28.8 Million

These figures show the amount of GSF funds committed and disbursed to date and serve as an indication of the progress of GSF programme rollout at the country level. The pipeline shows financial flows from WSSCC to Executing Agencies (EAs) and on to their Sub-grantees. GSF commitments are the total amount of funds that the GSF has designated within multi-year agreements for country programme implementation, including EA and Country Programme Monitor (CPM) costs.

Funds are disbursed to EAs as required, according to agreed schedules. In-country awards to Sub-grantees is the total amount of funds that EAs have designated to be transferred to Sub-grantees. This amount will be updated periodically according to actual figures reported on during the course of programme implementation. In-country grant disbursements is the total amount of funds already transferred by EAs to Sub-grantees, as reported to the GSF by EAs.